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Wednesday, November 1, 2006 10:20:50 PM
We choose solitude. We think loneliness chooses us.

People fight loneliness because they think it is a statement about their self-worth,
instead of choice they have made.
You might be lonely because you’ve defined only a few unavailable
or select individuals as worthy companions:
your ex-lover or ex-spouse, your adult children,
someone who is dead, or someone of your “class” and accomplishments.

You are lonely because you are a discriminating person.
There are lots of people available to be with if you are willing to seek them out.
Loneliness doesn’t choose you,
you choose loneliness in preference to the alternatives.
There is nothing wrong with your preference—just recognize it
and adapt to the circumstances that result.

Solitude is quiet different.
It is wonderful because you want to be with the person you’re with: yourself.
You cherish solitude.

The difference between loneliness and solitude is your perception
of who you are alone with and who made the choice.

[Shared by a friend from the past]

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